A Favorite Fashion Moment, Reminiscing About Rodarte

Rodarte Fall 2008, Backstage

During this past month of stellar fashion – filled with eye popping prints, deep and saturated hues, military inspired numbers, crazy stripes, laser cut lace, over sized outerwear, blanket coats, metallics and on and on and on – I began to reminisce about one of my favorite collections of all time, Rodarte’s Fall/Winter 2008 Collection. This particular fashion memory of mine was also prompted by a great article written about the lovely ladies of Rodarte in this month’s Vanity Fair.  The article was published on the eve of what will most probably be one of their greatest fashion endeavors to date – collaborating with Frank Gehry on the L.A. Philharmonic’s upcoming rendition of the renowned opera, Don Giovanni. After the . . .  Continue reading

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Rehearsal Dinner Wear


Yes, it’s almost four months later and I am still writing  / blogging about my oh so fabulous big day or, shall I say, weekend. I can’t help it, I tell you!  It’s just another way for me to relive the planning, the moments – fashion and otherwise , the joy . . . everything.  It all goes by too ridiculously quickly. And, after a year of planning , in which preparation for said affair became a second full time job, I was bound to go through some serious withdrawal when, enfin, all was said and done.   Those first couple of months post extravaganza and insane honeymoon were oh so sad, along the lines of weening off of a drug . . .  Continue reading

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Pop (of color) In Paris

Paris Spring Couture 2012 Street Style

As my oh so loyal readers know by now, this week happens to be one of my most favorite times of the fashion year.  For the past four days, in the glorious city of lights, Paris, of course, the fashion greats have been showing their Spring 2011 Couture collections.  And, you know how I feel about couture! What I also love about this week in particular is the chic, thoughtful, inspiring and always forward fashion that one sees off the runway.  Models, editors, celebrities, bloggers and fab. Parisians alike all dress to impress and possibly catch the eye of one of the myriad of street style photographers on scene to document the action. Like everyone else in the fashion game, . . .  Continue reading

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Acid Pink Chanel

Hot Pink Chanel Ballet Flats

Baby it is most definitely cold or more like frigged outside.  We are deep in the throws of winter, which means grey skies, endless rain (or snow, well, let’s hope it finally starts falling somewhere!), bone numbing wind and thick fog (clearly I’m still a resident of the foggy city by the sea.) So recently, I have become a bit obsessed with the neon hues that have been having a major fashion moment over the past couple of seasons.  There is just something about the hot pinks, and acid greens, highlighter yellows and bright, bright cobalt blues that make a winter day seem a bit more palatable (can you tell I’m a sun worshipper through and through ?) I know, . . .  Continue reading

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The Search For The LV Steamer Trunk Continues

Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk

As I was going through my morning flash sale site routine yesterday . . . Gilt Groupe (still hopelessly addicted I’m afraid!) One Kings Lane, etc., I happen to stumble across the sale I have been dutifully waiting for as long as OKL has been in existence.  One King’s Lane is currently hosting an entire Taste Maker Tag Sale (which ends in one day and 7 hrs. as I write this) chock full of vintage Louis Vuitton luggage, many pieces of which are beauteous, century old steamer trunks.  When I clicked through to said sale I almost fell off my chair when I spied the incredible selection laid out before me, only a click away from ownership . . . . . .  Continue reading

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Inspiration India

Chanel Pre-Fall 2012

Traveling far to exotic, very difficult to get locales gives me almost as much pleasure as a good Louboutin stiletto or a vintage Chanel anything.  For years I have been dreaming away about trekking to India, for instance, a place brim full of wonderful history, architecture, spirituality and color.  I have been told that spectacularly bright color can be seen every which way you turn . . . in the spice markets, the textiles, the saris, the beauteous hand crafted bangles. . . So, you can imagine my delight to see, as the Pre-Fall 2012 collections have started to trickle in over the past two weeks or so, that more than a couple of the big guns – Chanel, Rag . . .  Continue reading

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My Marchesa Moment

Marchesa Wedding Dress

And, now, finally The post about The dress of all dresses! As my oh so loyal readers know too well, I built up quite a bit of suspense around my wedding dress.  The look, the feel, the cut, the silhouette, the texture . . . you name it, I wouldn’t reveal it. The only tidbits I would divulge were the names of the genius’s behind the design of said dress, the ever talented Marchesa girls. I wrote post after post leading up to the big reveal, relaying everything from the my initial quest for said dress, to my crazy antics in procuring it, to finding the perfect shoes to match. Was I being a tad bit dramatic?, perhaps; but, I . . .  Continue reading

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Back In The (Hermès :)) Saddle Again

US Vogue, February 2010

All I can say to you my, dear readers, that is if I still have any at all, is that I am oh so sorry for abandoning you these past few months . . . I never ever thought that wedding planning would become a second full time job, but alas it did.  And now that I am actually getting paid to curate and edit another lovely little fashion site (insert shameless plug for DailyBuzz Style), obvi., that was and still continues to be priority number one. I also never realized how hard it would be to get back into writing mode again.  After our wedding,  an amazing honeymoon and then an arresting  return to reality it has been quite . . .  Continue reading

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A Peak Backstage At Mara Hoffman Spring 2012

Mara Hoffman, Spring 2012, Backstage

Oh how I miss relaying my weekly musings to you, my dear readers!!  It’s crazy what happens when life takes over . . .  4.5 weeks and counting until the big day (the adrenaline is already flowing );and, meanwhile, I’m in the midst of New York Fashion Week working away for DailyBuzz Style.  Sadly my heart is just not into Fashion Week this season.  My head is chock full of thoughts of succulents and white peonies, birch tree branches, antique looking table numbers, something blue, a certain long Marchesa gown, and on and on and on . . . Today, at long last, however I  was a able to steal an hour or two to partake in the fabulous circus . . .  Continue reading

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On The Hunt For Wedding Shoes

Hot Pink Wedding Shoes

So, I have to be honest, this happens to be a CRAZY time for me.  My nuptials are very fastly approaching, t-minus  8 weeks and counting!!  After all this time I can’t believe it’s finally almost here.  SO much to do, so little time!  As I mentioned a few posts ago, I also just started a new gig as editor of a fab. new style site, aptly named, DailyBuzz Style.  We are fiercely attempting to grow our traffic, recruit the best fashion and design bloggers in the biz; and, plan a trip to NY Fashion Week.  My plate, as you can see, is rather full at the moment; and, thus my lovely little blog has suffered and sadly will continue . . .  Continue reading

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